In need of an iPhone 15 charging cable? Here's how to find the best USB-C charger cord

Avoid using ultra cheap gas station chargers, $10 knockoff cords and bricks from eBay or Marketplace, and other items that could kill your brand-new phone faster than, well, lightning. Please pardon the pun

After carrying about a distinct connector only for iPhones for a long, the most recent iPhone now charges with the same charger we use for most earbuds, PCs, and gaming consoles, which is exceptional in every way. Eliminating the need for a special link often means reduced line clutter. However, it also means that we need to watch what we plug in!

CapMight you at any point involve any USB-C charger for iPhone 15? Those charming shaded charging lines and blocks that you get at corner stores can be fine when absolutely necessary, yet those are the sorts of links that cause the most issues. One of the greatest ways of realizing you have an issue is assuming you feel your gadget getting truly hot while you're charging it.tion

USB-C links can cost just $10 and as much as $160. Upsells on costly links are perhaps of the most seasoned stunt in the buyer gadgets playbook, however it pays to get a USB-C charger that will not overheat, burst into flames, fight, or quit working a couple of months into the gig. I for the most part spend somewhere in the range of $20 to $30 on my links and blocks, which is in accordance with what Apple charges (Apple's costs are $19 for another 1-meter USB-C link and $19 for a 20-watt block.)